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Business Solutions

Utilizing advanced resources aligned with world-class communication and innovative technolgy we have been able to provide the highest level of service for our client partners.


Our commitment to an enhanced service level has allowed us to create "Strategic Partnerships" with leaders in the Energy, Minerals, Food Services & Packaging, and Consumer Electronics industries.



Collaborative Communications
United Vision


Charter Transportation Inc., has a vision for our success, and through communication, that vision spreads to everyone, promoting, healthier workplace where things get done more efficiently to service our clients.  Our client partners are able to advance business and thrive securely, knowing we will share respectful and trustworthy communication at all times.
We are a committed company that works to develop strong communication with one another as a united company and with our clients as key partners. Each team member shares the same goals in this case, by simply keeping in touch on a regular basis, with useful information everyone contributes to advancing business and improves working together.




Enhanced Innovation
We promote and encourage everyone at our business, whether big or small, to openly share their thoughts without fear of being shut down.  Our best business communication practices within our company and with our customers have enhanced innovation overnight just by working together to be good communicators, and that’s bad news for your competition and good news for your revenue.
Client partners can count on a  transparent relationship with CTI marked by trust, integrity, and honesty in all transactions, via phone, email, texts, electronic orders and in person. Our key areas of communication and expertise are objective, accurate, and timely. Advanced services provided at competitive rates including:
Account Management
Proof of Delivery
Reporting practices


Client Satisfaction
Feedback is a vital component of Charter communication, and it works both ways.
We value safety giving feedback on how well the company’s policies, communications and technology and overall service procedures are working. Communication is not communication if it only comes from one direction.  Feedback is welcome.


World Class Technology

Our use of technology with ease and assessibility enables you to streamline operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency, maximize profit, minimize waste, devote talent to core business.


We are here to provide you with better service and support with our key partners and potential customers.


-24 hour Web access

-Instant access

-Real-time visibility

-Query and view orders

-Electronic Data Interchange

-Data Security

-Document Retrieval and archival for analysis

-3PL Integration


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