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Committed Carrier and Advanced Transportation Management



 Is your company in need of logistics and transportation management an affordable cost for your business?    


We are the answer!  Charter Transportation Inc., is your premier choice partner with trustworthy logistics solutions!  Our committed carrier and advanced transportation management solutions provide you expertise, resources and the visibility you need, at a cost you can manage.

Coast to Coast Service
Dependably established to be locally accessible to statewide and nationwide business; fortifies our ability to share the benefit of consolidation, trend familiarity, reduction of costs due to damage or contamination, reduction in freight costs, and based on location better able to service customers throughout North America. Dedicated to creating cost effective solutions, helping the bottom line and building value to client Brand abroad.
  • All modes of Transportation - Air, ocean, road, rail
  • Network strategy designed and coordinated to specification
  • Express service
  • Hazardous Material  Handling 
  • Trans-loading
  • Bonded facilities and CFS service
  • Complete warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Metrics reporting and cost reduction programs
  • C-TPAT compliant facilities
  • Seasonal programs and overflow capacity
Transportation Management
Our entire business is committed to Client-focused coordination, convenient accessibility, diligent delivery and brand collaboration.  That is why all of our services are backed by a confirmed transit time commitment.
From coast to coast expedient, inter-modal service and priority shipping, Charter Transportation offers Specialized Equipment and menu of flexible and prioritized shipping solutions specific to your needs and timeline.
We offer Truckload, LTL, and expert linehaul, dedicated and specialized flatbed service throughout the 48 contiguous states.
Up to date information is made available to you through our customer service line and website.  
Consistent quality assurance is provided as we monitor routes and lanes, track individual loads, and direct trucks and drivers on a 24/7 basis to ensure your load gets there right on time.


Freight Solutions
Charter Transportation Inc., can help reduce your shipping risk, reduce transportation cost and increase your customer satisfaction.
Leveraging our resources and expertise, you get the best combination of price and service to move your freight quickly and right on time. With less exposure to freight loss or damage, dependable on-time pickup and delivery, express rate quotes and access nation-wide for-hire carriers and a nationwide network of quality fleets, you can delegate all your transportation needs over to us and focus on what you do best, advance your business.
Drayage and Ports 


Efficient and compliant pickup at the port of entry
With Charter Transportation Inc., you can count on experienced drayage operators with clean compliant equipment.
Off-peak operations to reduce cost and improve speed from ports
Transloading and cross-docking
Short-term or long-term storage
Value-added services
Integration with global tracking and visibility systems





Our southern California location is our West Coast Hub providing transportation, warehousing and Value Added service solutions support for our national clients.
Charter Transportation Inc., offers Inventory Management  of warehousing storage in and around major U.S. ports.  Warehouse Management Systems Real-time distribution life cycle management, with advanced systems and technology for continual visibility. We also operate customer-specified WMS systems at our facilities.
We offer a full array of multi-faceted Warehousing designed for short-term or long-term storage.  You can expect your products to move through our warehouses securely and efficiently.  Import Deconsolidation  Our direct and dedicated high-responsive retail distribution support can handle the highest peak volumes for large importers, and provide you with the greatest flexibility to respond to customer demand.
  • Pick, Pack & Ship The ability to handle the most demanding retail distribution order profiles combined with the experience and expertise to provide highly efficient eCommerce order fulfillment.
  • Retail Store Replenishment Automated replenishment informed by key inventory and sales data can help you realize higher sales and margins, with lower inventory and labor costs.
Value-added Services  Just-in-time services customized to your 3PL logistics supply chain needs: from apparel and retail services to kitting, sub-assemblies, repacking, even light manufacturing.


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