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Our priority is optimizing logistics solutions for your company, right on time.

Your shipping needs are carefully examined and solutions are optimized with options that allow you to focus your energy where it is essential, advancing your business.​ 

"Trucking, Freight, LTL, logistics, Shipping, Flatbed,"

Charter Transportation Inc., is dedicated to utilizing trustworthy comprehensive management packages and innovative tools to deliver significant cost and service performance improvements, answering to market demands and enhance our competitive advantage.  

Supply Chain Management
"Trucking, Freight, LTL, logistics, Shipping, Flatbed,"

We are the premier choice in expedient and optimized logistics.  


Our personalized service is timely and dependable, providing capacity and savings when you need it. We provide a full advanced series of business solutions that optimize your supply chain while reducing costs and improving service levels.  

Timely Transportation
"Trucking, Freight, LTL, logistics, Shipping, Flatbed,"

Our World-class service is founded on Integrity, Knowledge, Experience and Regulatory Best Practices.


Competitive advanced pricing and maintaining secured added value allows us to continue to change the profit equation by succeeding our competition continuously, time and again, in these changing markets.

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